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First Visit

We welcome the parent(s) presence during examination and treatment visits. However, this privilege will be evaluated according to each child's behavior. The parent(s) should be a passive observer at all times during the child's dental visit. We want your child's visit to our office to be a happy one.

Your child's first dental visit in our office will include:

  • Meeting Dr. Keesee or Dr. Abang and our staff and becoming oriented with the dental office.
  • Athorough oral examination.
  • Cleaning of teeth, flossing, scaling (as needed) and office fluoride treatment.
  • Obtaining x-ray films for diagnostic purposes (only as needed). We follow the guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Dental Association.
  • Consulting on:
    1. Diet
    2. Home oral hygiene which consists of tooth brushing, tooth paste, flossing and fluoride treatment
    3. Oral habits
    4. Tooth brushing technique for your child
    5. Occlusion (bite)
    6. Behavior management for home oral hygiene
  • A diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed with parent(s).
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